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SVP Global Ventures sets up 100,000 spindles project in Rajasthan.

Vallabh Pittie Group company SVP Global Ventures Ltd, a diversified yarn manufacturing company listed on the BSE, has embarked on a Rs1 ,000 crore expansion plan in Rajasthan.

The company has executed a Rs 450 crore textile plant at Dhanodi Industrial Area, Jhalawar, in Rajasthan. The funds for the expansion are being generated through a combination of debt, internal accruals and promoter infusion of equity.

“Having completed the work in just about nine months on a 25 acre land, this is the fastest constructed textile plant in the world. It is also among the first few plants to be commissioned under Resurgent Rajasthan project,” Chirag Pittie, Managing Director of SVP Global Ventures said.

The fully automated plant with 1,00,000 spindle capacity, has a manufacturing capacity of 22,000 tonnes per annum. The Phase I of the project employs 500 people and will annually provide a stable source of livelihood to more than 30,000 farmers.

The plant will manufacture combed compact yarn, that will be exported to many countries including China and commands a premium in the market. The compact yarn is also low on hairiness, higher strength and elongation, less fiber fly, and has significant advantages in downstream processing. This will help the project generate higher margins as compared to other spinning mills.

Cotton remains the  most important natural fibre for any textile making company and it is mainly used to make cloth fabric and readymade garments.

As part of the Rajasthan Government’s package, SVP has also derived significant advantages like interest subsidy, VAT benefit and electricity duty rebate which may ultimately have a positive impact on the company’s bottomline.

“Our capacity will increase to 200,000 owned spindles as the new plant will produce high quality compact yarn of count 20 to 60," Pittie said.

The company is also executing work on Rs 330 crore phase-II of Jhalawar plant which is expected to be on stream by the end of the year.

Rajasthan today has emerged one of the most preferred business locations thanks to the State government’s proactive and innovative policies and availability of a huge untapped talent pool, apart from abundant natural resources.

Headquartered in Mumbai, the SVP already owns three units at Coimbatore, Palani, Madurai in Tamil Nadu for manufacturing Polyester and Cotton Blended Yarn. Manufacturing facility is fungible between specialized cotton, polyester and blended yarns depending on customer preference and demand scenario.

The Company has built some good brands in the yarn market that enjoy a good standing and reputation like DG TEX/SVP/SVRP. SVP has strong expertise in sourcing best quality raw materials leading to higher quality yarns

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Everyone in Rajasthan now eligible for reservation

The Rajasthan Assembly on Tuesday cleared an unprecedented Bill to give 14 per cent quota to economically backward classes (EBCs), who are otherwise deprived of any caste reservation.

This Bill was passed along with another Bill that gave five per cent reservation to the special backward classes (SBCs), including the Gujjar community.

Many argue that the EBC Bill, or the Rajasthan Economically Backward Classes (Reservation of Seats in Educational Institutes in the State and of Appointments and Posts in Services under the State) Bill 2015, will not stand court scrutiny.

The EBC Bill might have been brought in to placate the poor among forward castes in the wake of reservation to five communities under the special backward classes (SBC). But if it gets all the necessary approvals, ir could mean two things. First, there will be a clamour for a similar EBC Bill across the country; second, it will make almost every Rajasthani claimant to government jobs and admission in educational institutes. The second part can be understood from a state government notification of August 28, 2009, which declares a person EBC if he or she is not covered under any category of reservation and is member of a BPL family or belongs to a family whose annual income doesn't exceed Rs 2,50,000 annually.

According to the Socio Economic Caste Census 2011, in more than 90 per cent rural households, the highest salary of a family member is less than Rs 10,000. The data suggest households with salaried jobs are merely nine per cent.

The private sector jobs account for 2.86 per cent, suggesting most of the households are dependent on agriculture or some other work. Then there are districts such as Pratapgarh, Jhalawar and Banswara, where the households with salaried jobs range between 2.3 per cent and 4.9 per cent.

Similarly, in urban areas, according to some unpublished Census 2011 reports, also reviewed by Business Standard , 38 per cent households qualify for being called poor. The average household has about five members.

Overall, the state has 68.5 million people, of which 75 per cent (51.37 million) people are in rural areas. Around 12.2 million belong to Schedule Castes and another 9.2 million belong to Schedule Tribes.

The government is yet to release data for the Other Backward Classes.


Rajasthan invites entrepreneurs

Rajasthan government has invited entrepreneurs from Madhya Pradesh to set up soyabean processing and mineral-based industries in the desert state. 

"There are immense opportunities for entrepreneurs from Madhya Pradesh to set up soybean processing and mineral-based industries in Rajasthan. Therefore, we extend an invitation to them," Rajasthan Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria told reporters here today. 

According to PTI, Kataria said that Rajasthan has a land bank of 74,000 hectares meant for potential investors, besides uninterrupted power supply for industries. 

The minister said that, The Rajasthan government has also provided a single-window facility for entrepreneurs and different tax exemptions for a seven-year period from the date of setting up units. 

In order to give a fillip to investments, Rajasthan government plans to organise a partnership summit called 'Resurgent Rajasthan' between November 19 and November 20, he said.

source: business-standard

Rajasthan industries, Industries in Rajasthan, Rajasthan Manufacturers

Rajasthan is the largest state in India as per its area wise. It is located in the north-western part of the subcontinent. It is located on the western side of the country, where it comprises most of the wide and inhospitable Thar Desert. World's first and oldest Indus Valley Civilization was formed in Rajasthan. Key industries in Rajasthan are cement, tourism, IT and ITES, ceramics, handicrafts, chemicals, textiles, marbles and steel.

Rajasthan is the sole producer of lead concentrate, zinc concentrate, gypsum, calcite, selenite and wollastonite as well as the leading producer of silver, gold, copper, marble, sandstone, rock phosphate, lignite etc. It accounted for 9.6 per cent of the total value of minerals produced.

There is a vast potential to generate electricity through renewable energy sources and wind power. Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Ltd has actively promoted solar energy and biomass projects.

Rajasthan is a developing sector-specific infrastructure like special purpose industrial parks and special economic zones (SEZs) for exports of handicrafts, IT and electronic goods. Rajasthan has been investing in capacity building through the development of a strong institutional network at all levels.

Rajasthan offers a wide range of fiscal and policy incentives for businesses. In addition, the law & order situation in the state ensures a good working environment.

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Rajasthan is the eighth largest economy in India. Rajasthan is the state which has second largest mineral resources in India. Rajasthan Manufacturers are the leading producer of feldspar, zinc and emeralds. Rajasthan emerald manufacturers are the most popular in national and international markets. Rajasthan cement producers are the second leading manufacturers of cement in India. Rajasthan has India's 17 percent of total cement grade limestone reserves.

Manufacturers in Rajasthan are leaders of lead concentrate, zinc concentrate, calcite, gypsum, wollastonite. Also they are the leading producers of silver, gold, copper, marble, sandstone, rock phosphate and lignite. Rajasthan jewellery manufacturers are known for their traditional arts in jewels. Rajasthanmanufacturers have the advantage of high potential for electricity through renewable energy sources and wind power. This leads them to give higher productivity.
Rajasthan is the largest manufacture of cut and polished diamonds in the country. The famous city Jaipur is the leading centre for cutting and polishing. Rajasthan has the highest reserve of precious and semi-precious stones. The Indian government has planned to set up first gems bourse in Jaipur to develop organised trading of gem stones in India. Rajasthan manufacturers are encouraged by the government to have joint ventures and contract management with international companies.
Rajasthan has many mineral resources and precious natural stones as well. Rajasthan manufacturers are producing high quality products and trade them in local and global b2b markets like Genuine manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, sellers are trading their products in